Posted on Oct 26, 2018

Xtreme Motorsport Ltd

Our Nissan GTR R35 WP20 plate clutch kits are designed to run 1100whp, having used the same technology as our WP18 clutch kits. All the parts on this kit have been re-designed to accommodate 20 friction plates with 20 steel plates, however, as we have utilised the same technology as our WP18 clutch kit, which uses the same steels and frictions as used in the WP18 kit, we have the ability to supply common plates for our entire range of clutches from our WP18 through to the XWP24 clutch.

All our clutch kits run stock oil pumps (unmodified) and maintain stock settings.

It is important to highlight that this kit comes fully assembled and you are fully aware that some of the stock parts will need to be removed from your vehicle and dispatched to our factory for modification. The supplied stock parts will become an integral part of your new WP20 plate clutch.
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